Company Profile

GENERAL BRUCIATORI Srl has been founded in Parma in 1975 and since the beginning it achieved the recognition of leading company in manufacturing industrial burners. The production range covers burners of all types and all sizes. As a matter of fact together with the standard products a tailor made customized production is added to suit and satisfy all customers needs. These special productions represent the true added value of working with GENERAL BRUCIATORI. Since the early stage GENERAL BRUCIATORI mission was to offer the highest level of fiability granting long lasting service without any kind of lack or break out. At the same time High efficiency, big energy savings and the best deployment with all sort of fuels are always achieved. To make quality products is one of the strength of the company. GENERAL BRUCIATORI is ISO 9001:2000 certificate and complying with all safety regulations as well as energy safety is a daily commitment for GENERAL BRUCIATORI. This is what GENERAL BRUCIATORI has done from many years with dedication competence and professionality.

The range of industrial burners

The production of General Bruciatori is divided into four complementary groups of industrial burners:

  • Monoblock burners
  • Burners with separate elements
  • Burners with separate elements and flame register
  • Special version

the range is composed and includes over 100 Models to suit any industrial requirement. All burners are CE certificadted and they can be requested to suit the highest standards, such as R.I.N.A., Lloyds Register of Shipping, American Bureau, Gost, Eexd, etc.