Special System

Animal fat

The enteire General Bruciatori range is suitable to operate with residual animal fat Thanks to a dedicated and special configuration the burner fits and can generate heat by burning, in case of availablity, up to 100% of animal fat. In those case where the animal fat availability is not enough to satisfy the burner flow rate it's possible to integrate the burner operation with additional traditional fuel like Natural Gas, L.P.G. Diesel oil or even Heavy oil. General Bruciatori is capable to design and realize burners to operate both with fat from birds and other animals.

Vegetal oil

The enteire General Bruciatori range is suitable to operate with vegetal oil. Thanks to dedicated and special modification on the burner this perfectly operates with most of available vegetal oils. In case the vegetable oil available is not enough to satisfy the 100% of the thermic power it's possible to integrate with traditional fuels like Natural Gas, LPG, Diesel oil or Heavy oil.

Waste gas

Waste gasses are defined all those gasses coming from industrial processes and subject to waste. The most popular kind of waste gasses are Bio Gas, Sin Gas, Hydrogen… Thanks to the continuous R&D General Bruciatori is capable to offer dedicated solution to burn these gasses and recover energy from a waste product.

Dust burner

The dust burners range is one of the latest evolution of General Bruciatori production. The aim and target of the dust burners, that must be integrated in dedicated feeding system, is the one to convert into heat and energy material usually classified as wast from production. Thanks to dedicated produc treatment and to General Bruciatory technology it's now possible to recover and burn with efficient combustion waste products like wood, lignite, mud and other kind of biomass products otherwise wasted.